What is a card theft?

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is getting more and more popular. Are you familiar with this term? The RFID allows to transfer data wirelessly using the electromagnetic fields. You most likely use this technology in your everyday life. The contactless payment systems is a great example. Now you can just wave the bank card next to the special scanner to complete a purchase without actually swiping the card. This is great, right?
Contactless payment via NFC (Near Field Communication) is a good example of an RFID usage.
But there are always those who utilise the technology in their own bad way. This is not an exception. Using the specially designed devices those criminals can easily steal your personal financial information (i.e. your credit or debit card details), access card details or even identity data stored in the biometric passport. The thief just needs to pass you by and you won't even notice it.
Your identity could be compromised and money stolen even on a distance from you.
We found an easy solution - Waves Protect phone case with anti-fraud pocket. As it blocks the EMFs, your credit/debit cards are completely protected. The pocket is tight enough to hold a card, so you don't need to worry that it falls out.

What makes it even more useful is that it is so comfy, that you can just throw away your wallet. You don't need it anymore. Going to the shop? The only thing you need to carry with you is the Waves Protect phone case. Quite convenient, right?